Super Wi-Fi Pilot

The Delta County Library District has applied for and been approved to participate in a trial of Super WiFi technology under a program sponsored by the Gigabit Libraries Network. Super WiFi or TV “Whitespace” is the terminology used to define the radio frequency spectrum that has been made available as the result of the switch of TV broadcasting from analog to digital means a few years back. This spectrum lies in the 470 – 698 Mhz range and the FCC is making it available for use in an un-licensed model. Similar previous actions by the FCC led to incredible innovation and things like CB radio, microwave ovens, garage door openers, baby monitors, WiFi, Bluetooth and many other things that we now take for granted were the result. We don’t yet know where Super WiFi will go but the Delta County Library District is proud to be participating in one of the first public trials of this new technology. We are one of only five libraries in the country that have been selected to participate in this exciting technology trial.

To demonstrate this technology in a real world environment and to also do something positive for the community, we will be activating two public WiFi “Hotspots” in the town of Paonia. With the support of the Paonia Town Council, we will be installing one Hotspot on Grand Avenue and another most likely in the Paonia Park. These Hotspots will be configured to support “Guest” access and possibly “Patron” access with more bandwidth for those with library cards, if we can work some complex integration issues out in time for the trial. We must exercise care in how we structure the trial Hotspot service since we only have a limited amount of internet bandwidth that we can devote to this service. We don’t want to let this impact the quality of service that we offer at the Paonia Library as an example. More details will be forthcoming about this as we receive the equipment and set it up for initial testing.

Stay tuned for more information as this project progresses. In the meantime, provided below are some informative links about this technology and our trial.

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