Computer Classes

With an emphasis on job preparation, the Delta County Literacy Program offers computer classes at all the libraries in Delta County. Thanks to the Department of Health and Human Services for helping support these classes. Please call your local library for a schedule.

The Very (very) Basics:
Never used a computer before? Feel like computer terms are written in a different language? Come learn about computer basics. Class will provide an introduction to using the mouse and keyboard. Other topics covered include instruction on working with windows and a discussion of computer terminology.


Introduction to the Internet:
Feeling left behind on the Information Superhighway? Come learn about the Internet and the World Wide Web. Class will also provide instruction on navigating a web browser, exploring the Delta County Libraries web site, finding information and printing web pages.


Beginning Email:
Get the basic understanding of what email (short for electronic mail) entails. Learn how to set up an email account and then manage it successfully. Practice sending emails, using proper netiquette (Internet etiquette) and keeping track of your emails.


Word Processing 101:
Word processing applications are used more often by more people every day than any other type of computer application. This class will introduce you to basic editing and formatting techniques. Learn how to create a simple document, edit text, correct spelling errors, save, and print.


Intro to Spreadsheets
The best software for working with piles of numbers is a spreadsheet program. This class will teach you how to arrange and analyze numbers, insert formulas, make calculations, and create charts from your data.


Learning Express
Popular Software Tutorials

Mouse Aerobics
Practice using the mouse with this interactive tutorial.

Goodwill Community Foundation
Tutorials for basic computer, using Microsoft office, getting on the Internet, and much more.

New User Tutorial
Step by step guide to use a computer for a beginner.

Learn to Type
Free online typing tutor