Library Board of Trustees

There is an opening for an At Large Trustee, term ending 1/31/2019.  Please click here for information.Library board


President: Ann Murphy      Area Served: Paonia      Term Ends: 01/31/2017

Treasurer: William Crank      Area Served: At Large      Term Ends: 01/31/2016

Secretary: Katherine Gnauck      Area Served: Hotchkiss      Term Ends: 01/31/2016

Laura Early      Area Served: Cedaredge      Term Ends: 01/31/2018

Ed Bliss      Area Served: Crawford      Term Ends: 01/31/2018

Dorothy Pew      Area Served: Delta      Term Ends: 01/31/2015

Angela Herber      Area Served: At Large      Term Ends: 01/31/2015

Melody BellCampton – Ex-Officio      Delta County

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