Board Member Duties & Responsibilities

Library District Board of Trustees Information and Application

Paonia area, term ending 01.31.2017

Purpose and Mission
The purpose of the Library District shall be the provision of publicly supported free library service to all residents of the District. The Board is charged with governing the affairs of the District according to applicable statutes and laws. This includes adoption and oversight of budget, developing and adopting policies, strategic planning, and hiring and evaluating the library director.

The Mission statement of the Library District:
Informing and empowering the community Providing resources for life, leisure, and learning

General Information
Trustees’ terms of office are for four (4) years. The County Commissioners (BOCC) appoint trustees from eligible applicants on a staggered basis each year in January as a trustee’s term expires. The District Board has been given permission by the BOCC to advertise, take applications, interview and select new Board members. The District Board recommends their selection to the BOCC for appointment. The BOCC ratifies, or declines, the appointment within 60 days after the recommendation.
Appointments to the Board of Trustees must be non-political, without apparent conflict of interest and should be from those who show an active interest in the libraries and their progress. Current District staff members may not serve on the Board of Trustees, due to inherent conflict of interest.
Trustees serve without salary or other compensation.

General Qualifications
1. Genuine interest in public libraries and importance of the library in the community
2. Commits the time that is necessary to carry out the duties of a Trustee
3. Understands the local community, its social and cultural needs, and willing to communicate those needs to the Board
4. Invests in making the library relevant for the 21st century
5. Able to work with others – the Board, library director, and members of the library support organizations – to reach a common goal
6. Open-minded, intellectually curious, and respectful of the opinions of others
7. Courage to withstand pressures, prejudice, and provincialism that would restrict or prevent equal library service to all
8. Able to plan creatively and to direct the effective implementation of those plans
9. Activates conversations about the library’s importance in community infrastructure and its role in the community’s future

Desirable Background/Experience
1. Involvement in community organizations
2. An understanding of local government operations, of public boards and commissions
3. An interest in long-range planning

Duties of Trustees (from State Handbook). Governing Boards are legally responsible for the control and management of the library.
• Prepare for, attend and participate in all board meetings
• Determine or recommend library policies
• Secure adequate funding and practice responsible fiscal management of the public money
• Become familiar with state library law (CRS 24-90-101 et seq.)
• Plan for the future of the library
• Monitor and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the library.
• Promote library services and advocate for the library in the community
• Establish and support a planned program of public relations
• Participate in statewide advocacy for library services
• Employ a highly qualified library director. Empower him/her to manage the day to day operations of the library
• Evaluate the director’s performance

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Hard copies of the application can be delivered to:
Delta County Libraries Board of Trustees
Attn: Board President
P.O. Box 858
Delta, CO 81416

You may also drop off the completed application to any library location.