About Us

About Us

Delta County Libraries consists of five libraries located in Delta, Hotchkiss, Cedaredge, Paonia, and Crawford. Delta County has a total population of 30,334 and is geographically well-served by the five libraries. The Library District maintains a varied collection which includes hardback, paperback, and large print books, audio and visual materials, downloadable materials, magazines, newspapers, computer databases, and local history materials. Each library provides public access computers and I-Pads as well as printers, copiers and other peripheral equipment.. Each library also provides a lively schedule of programming for preschool and grade school children, teenagers, adults, and families.  ESL and GED classes are provided throughout the county at a variety of library and non-library locations. Administrative offices for the Library District are located in Hotchkiss, in the lower level of the library building. The Library District is overseen by a Library Board with representatives from each of the library communities as well as “at large” representatives.

District Director – Annette Choszczyk – achoszczyk[at]deltalibraries.org

IT Manager – John Gavan – jgavan[at]deltalibraries.org

Collections Coordinator – Myrna Westerman – mwesterman[at]deltalibraries.org

PR & Marketing Manager, Website Administrator, System & Cataloging Coordinator – Leah Morris  – lmorris[at]deltalibraries.org

Program and Outreach Manager, Literacy, GED, ESL - Gail Srebnik – gsrebnik[at]deltalibraries.org

General Office Phone 970.399.7876

North Fork Regional Library Manager
Kit Stephenson – kstephenson[at]deltalibraries.org
Paonia Office: 970.399.7879          Hotchkiss Office: 970.808.1005      Crawford Office: 970.399.7786

West End Regional Library Manager
Lea Hart – lhart[at]deltalibraries.org
Delta Office: 970.399.7675            Cedaredge Office: 970.399.7782

Mailing Address: PO Box 858 Delta, CO 81416
Physical Address: 149 E. Main St. Hotchkiss, CO 81419